My name is Matt Mireles & I am former New York City Paramedic 

Why I’m doing this

I worked in medicine from 2000 to 2010, first as an EMT driving an 911 ambulance in Los Angeles, then worked my way through college as a paramedic in New York City. During that time, I helped thousands of people and probably saved more than 100 lives. I was good at my job.

After graduating from Columbia University in 2008, I started a technology company, eventually quit my paramedic job and moved to California to chase my startup dreams.

Before Coronavirus took over the headlines, I never thought I’d go back to medicine. It was a great chapter in my life, but I figured I’d moved on. However, now I see our country, our world in crisis and, surprise, I still have the skills to help! But all my certifications are lapsed and I wouldn’t expect our government to know that I exist.

Meanwhile, I’m seeing desperate countries like Italy and embattled states like New York call out for former nurses & doctors to come out of retirement and join the fray. It’s like watching a drowning man order a life preserver on Amazon. It may come, but will it be too late?

Now that I’ve stocked up on supplies for my family, gotten my elderly parents in quarantine and warned my portfolio CEOs that bad economic times are coming, I’m ready to help! Unfortunately, I am injured. I crashed while skiing a few weeks ago and ended up with a torn ACL, torn meniscus & slightly fractured tibia. As a result, I can lift people up, squat on the ground or do normal paramedic stuff.

Creating a online volunteer registry seemed the next best thing I could do after actually treating sick people, so I started recruiting a team and, well, just did it. 

Now is time where we all need to come together and help each other out. Our collective lives are on the line. Our parents lives. Our grandparents lives. Hell, maybe my life. Defintely our society’s economic lives. 

 If you’re a trained medical professional and you want to serve on the front lines, volunteer. If you’ve got other skills and you want to help me & the team out behind the scenes, drop us a line. 

Keep fighting the good fight! 

-Matt Mireles

Me with my elderly parents & my young son. I want my son have his grandparents around as he grows up.