serve on the front lines against coronavirus

trained doctors, nurses & medical workers desperately needed

retired | inactive | ex-military | licensed overseas



Take 5 minutes and offer your services to the government agencies & non-profits on the frontlines fighting COVID-19 who desperately need your help



The Coronavirus pandemic is overwhelming hospitals & healthcare systems around the globe. 20,000 people are already dead. As governments commandeer hotels to build makeshift ICUs and hospitals scramble to procure ventilators & masks, trained medical professionals are needed to care for the sick & dying, our existing medical workforce is inadequate to meet the demand. Due to these wartime conditions, governments are calling for medical professionals to come out of retirement and join in the fight… after they need them. And even that may not be enough. 

Humanity’s reserve  medical corps is building humanity’s reserve medical corps. We’re signing up anyone and everyone with medical training who is willing to enlist on the frontlines in the fight against Coronavirus & COVID-19––no matter if you’re trained overseas, retired or just inactive. 

After you signup, we’ll send your name & info to governments, hospitals & non-profits in need, within the parameters that you set. If they want your help, they’ll contact you.

Save lives

“I spent my entire career helping people and saving lives. How could I not volunteer? I should probably be more worried about the risk, but thousands of lives are on the line. And there is no calvary. It’s just us. I had to do it.”

Marissa James

Retired Nurse

“I’ve been to warzones. I never expected my country to become one. To be honest, I thought I’d left that world behind when I left the Army to become a software engineer. But when I saw what was happening, I felt called to volunteer. “

John McClelland

Combat Medic, US Army Rangers (retired)



Will you help?

Humanity’s darkest hour is approaching. When the crisis is over and all the dead are counted, you will want to look yourself in the eye and say:

“I did everything I could.”

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